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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Why Gyaru Clothing Is Important (But Not How You Think!)

    When gyaru first started, it was most recognized by tanning and lightened hair. As it evolved as a fashion and spread out into various substyles, the emphasis began to shift to makeup and hair. Because that, above clothing, is what makes a look recognizably gyaru! Of course if you have a gyaru spirit you can still be one even in pajamas and no makeup!! But to be recognized as gyaru, generally speaking, the emphasis is on hair and makeup.

    That can lead to some issues with newer gyaru not really having a grasp on clothing. Which is fine! It can be absolutely overwhelming and difficult, especially if you need to buy a new wardrobe. That's why I'm here!! I have a background in fashion design and garment construction, and I'm here to help you look at what gals have worn, and help you break down how you can have the same look for cheap and easy.

    The looks I'm showing you here are categorized into:
  • Denim
  • Sweaters
  • Sweats
  • T-shirts
  • Other/miscellaneous 
    I hope they will be super helpful to you, and that you'll be able to develop your own gal style and wardrobe! Personally, I think owning all brand and doing the same looks that have been seen 10000x times before can get very boring. So everything in this list is something you can do without brand!!! All you have to do is have a keen eye, and don't give up! You may need to hit several stores or websites, but you'll find it eventually! 

    Now let's get started with denim!!

These are a good example of using completely normal, trendy clothing and making it gyaru!
These outfits would be gyaru without the added hair and makeup, so they're perfect for inspiration!

These ones are a little more edgy! Add a beanie and a belt for added flair!

Again, just a denim skirt and tshirt! The hair, makeup, and accessories are what make it undeniably gal.

Tip: Look at clubwear! This cute mesh top and neon tubetop could totally be a clubbing outfit, but paired with denim they're perfect for a hot summer day!

Style point: Animal print!

Want to look soft and dreamy? Lizzie paired a pastel shirt and elegant heels with her denim!

We will discuss T-shirts more later on, but look how cute this ripped denim is with these tall heels!

Yuna (IG: yunaaaaa.x) rocks the cutest denim looks.

Denim and flannel? Absolutely! Tie the shirt as a crop top, or wear it around your waist like Lizzie!

For a sexy look rock some dark denim and add tall boots or heels!

Denim and pleather makes a chic and cool look!

    Now let's take a look at sweaters!

Do you get cold easily? Do you just want to be comfy everywhere you go? Sweaters are so versatile, and so easily gyaru!!

Add some ripped denim! Again, these outfits are gyaru because of the hair and makeup!

Rock a knit hat for extra warmth!

Sweaters galore! Pair extra long ones with a belt and tall boots.

Do you live in long slouchy sweaters? Perfect. Pair it with a crop top, printed pants, and heels!

    Now my personal favorite category: SWEATS. For when you just can't be bothered, but still wanna look undeniably gal!

If you don't have that coveted Alba Rosa, just any neon tank under a darker one would do!

Style tip: Juicy Couture is for sale on most online sites, for reasonable prices! They have great, very gal tracksuits.

Find a matching set in a fun print!

T-shirt and sweats, she looks so comfy and so gorgeous!

Add a top with cutouts to your joggers, for an added sexy look!

Just a plain ol' sweatshirt and shorts, paired with a cap and heels!

I think it's the legwarmers that make this so cute.

Heels and sweats look great!

This sweatshirt looks perfect for rokku or darker looks! Cut the neckline and sag it off one shoulder with a graphic tank or bra underneath.

And my personal faves. Even when you're wearing lounge wear, you can still look undeniably gyaru!

    Now let's talk T-shirts!

Make matching shirts with your bffs or circle!

Cut the sleeves and back off a graphic T and wear it with a cute bra or bikini top! Perfect for hot summer days!

Animal print, animal print, animal print! You can gal-ify your T-shirt and shorts with heels!

Cute and more mature look with a T-shirt and skirt.

Fun summer T-shirt looks!

T-Shirt and short skirt is perfect for gal, and you can pair sneakers if you don't like heels!

This look has such a cool vibe with the denim and animal print sweatshirt! The graphic T really pops!

T-shirts are so fashionable when it comes to rokku! Cut them up, add safety pins, wherever your imagination takes you.

    Last but not least, here are some in the category "Other." Hopefully these are helpful as well!!

I ADORE this all pink outfit! Super easy to do with clothes you can find at your local shops!

Replicate this look with a beachy tank top and a beach wrap! Add some chunky platforms and you're good to go!

This soft and dreamy dress can be easy to find in the springtime, and pairing it with a thick belt and wicker hat is so dreamy.

Pastel florals can be found in springtime, or on shopping sites. They're perfect for softer styles like mori or himekaji!

Look for lightweight dresses and blouses out of cotton and sheer fabrics! Lace details are also great little additions.

Oh yamanba!! This BOLD print dress is so much fun! Check out your local clubwear store, or Depop or Ebay for something cool and graphic like this.

More flannel! More denim! More sweatshirts!! These looks are so fun.

Of course, Lillie-Joe and her iconic yarn wig had to be included!! Her look is relatively simple, with patterned pants and a bandeau!

I don't know about in other places, but in California dresses like this are everywhere in Spring and Summer!! Check Depop or other shopping apps, if you want something like this!

Again, relatively simple! Alba dresses can look similar to a lot of surf brands, and the gal on the right has just a T-shirt and shorts! Accessorize, my gals!

These floral looks are divine, especially with that cowgal hat!

Big sweaters, floral denim, what more can you ask for?

Denim dress? Yes please. Also, check out that adorable Snow White top!

Skirts, skirts, skirts! These looks are so all over the map, surely something will inspire you!

Denim on denim? Yes please. Also, have a dress that's too short? Layer a tulle skirt beneath like the look in the middle!!

Those overalls are seriously too cute.

Overalls, sweaters, floral, we've got it all.

Did someone say sexy? Add higher heels, animal prints, and short shorts for a more sexy gal look!

Did I mention animal print? Literally. Animal print everything.


    Finally, here are some gyaruo options! Just like with gal, it's HUGELY the hair and makeup that make it gyaruo!

T-shirts and tanktops galore!

Whatever's going on with that double belt thing, it's a bold choice!! But hey, it's just a T-shirt and jeans with accessories and the hair!

A colorful sweatshirt can be used for a more fun look, and darker colors and animal print can be used for more punk or mature styles!

More flannel, denim, and animal print!


Name brands are also super helpful for achieving that "rich" gyaruo vibe, like Wes has!

Ripped denim and a blazer give off a super cool vibe!

For more colorful and crazy looks, look for bold colors and prints! You can mix and match T-shirts and board shorts, tank tops and denim, the possibilities are endless!

I desperately need someone to recreate this look, down to the Troll doll. Please.

    Overall, I hope this just helped you see that brand is absolutely NOT essential to gal, and clothes aren't scary!!! Got a sweater and some jeans? Perfect. Throw on some accessories with your gal hair and makeup, and you're golden. It's so intimidating at first, but I promise it doesn't need to be!!

    Which look inspired you most? I really want more floral pieces, and those overalls were just too cute, I might need some!!

    To find more inspiration check out: 

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    Lizzie's "How To Style A Denim Skirt 6 Ways" post, and be sure to check out her other ones about offbrand gyaru!

Thanks for stopping by!